The history of the railroad in Fort Worth Texas

From the day the very first train arrived in Fort Worth, July 19, 1876 this city has been a railroad town in every sense of the word. Locals have long realized what an imposing site the rail yards west of downtown are as the drive along Vickery Boulevard, but with the opening of the new Chisholm Trail Parkway the view of this area is even more pronounced. The great buildings of our town were often built in association with the railroad routes and many of our surrounding communities began as stops along the train routes in and out of town.

Our Railroad Tour is centered around downtown Fort Worth and such iconic landmarks as The T&P Passenger Terminal, Santa Fe Depot, The Post Office Building and The T&P Warehouse. Other tracks are included in the tour as well, including the mule drawn street cars (which were electrified in 1889), The Interurban lines that took passengers to nearby towns, and even the famous M&O Subway, the world’s only privately owned subway which once served shoppers at the downtown Leonard’s Department Store.