MELT Ice Creams

1201 W Magnolia Ave #115, Fort Worth, TX 76104

MELT Ice Creams is a Fort Worth Treasure

Fort Worth has a couple of iconic food destinations that will bring tourists to the door to line up for the experience. Neither one is a tourist trap, because anytime I go there I see everyone that I know along with the visitors who got the tip from the hotel concierge, a bartender or on TripAdvisor to go there. One is Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Dishes on the North Side, the other is MELT on W Magnolia. Sure other restaurants have lines, but there’s more excitement and happiness on the faces of folks in these two lines than I see anywhere else. Every city has places like this. The ones I have experiences are The Doughnut Vault in Chicago, Mike’s Pastry in Boston, and Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle. There are countless others I could name, but maybe you get the idea. These places all offer an authentic experience and an exceptional product.


MELT was founded in 2014 by Kari Crowe-Seher & her husband Mark. When Donna & I first began going to MELT it was on W Rosedale Street and it always seemed to be busy, but never over-run. That changed quickly when they moved their popular ice cream shop to the quickly escalating W Magnolia area just a couple of blocks to the south. West Magnolia has a lot more pedestrian traffic and MELT was like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle, providing an after dinner treat when dining on Magnolia. Sometimes the line is intimidating but the staff does a good job of keeping things moving, and like at Joe T’s a great part of the experience is in the comradery of waiting.

Our Favorite Flavors at MELT

Mine is Birthday Cake, Donna likes Beans. Birthday Cake is a “SOMETIMES” flavor at MELT and I have only had it once. Sometimes is not often enough for me, so I anxiously await it’s return. I fear I may have romanticised it in my head to the point that I’ll be disappointed, but I doubt it. Beans is an “ALWAYS” flavor, one of five that are always on the menu.

Melt Ice Cream


  • Beans
  • Chocolate Chocolate
  • Salt Lick
  • Cup of Texas
  • Velvet Vegan (MELT is on West Magnolia after all)

I can never decide between Cup of Texas and Salt Lick, but all of the flavors are great. Check out the MELT WEBSITE HERE for the list of SOMETIMES flavors, and watch for new ones which are frequently added.

MELT has a Community Spirit

Part of the authentic vibe at MELT comes from their community spirit. They partner with other independent companies in the area by incorporating their unique flavors into new ice cream creations. Their “Trusted Partners” include Funky Town Donuts, HopFusion, TX Whiskey, Avoca Coffee, Dude Sweet Chocolate, Rahr Brewery, Collective Brewing Project, Swiss Pastry Shop, & Moore Jam.

MELT donates 5% of sales of it’s most popular flavor, BEANS to a local charity. The Charity is chosen each year and is currently The Edna Gladney Center for Adoption.