Piranha Killer Sushi

335 W 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102, 817-348-0200

Our Favorite Sushi Bar is Piranha

I’ve noticed that sushi bars are a lot like Mexican restaurants in that each tends to have intensely loyal patrons who not only heap praises on their favorite place but cast aspersions on all of the others. I’m not really that way about either genre. I love Mexican food and I have lots of favorite places to eat it in Fort Worth, each one may have a different item that I think stands out above similar menu items at the other restaurants. Some have cool atmosphere or exceptional service. Some have all three.

Sushi is a little bit different for me, and while I won’t deride someone else’s favorite place that I don’t care for I will say that I’ll only eat sushi if it is fresh and cold. Some places I’ve been don’t always get that to my liking. After that, my personal preferences are that it not be swimming in unnecessary sauces that mask the natural flavor and texture of the fresh fish, but rather use sauces sparingly to enhance or compliment flavors and texture. I also like it to be affordable, especially when I take my two grown sushi-loving sons out for dinner. They can ring up a big sushi bill in a hurry.

Piranha Killer Sushi is my favorite in Fort Worth. I also really enjoy Shinjuku Station which has a little broader menu and one of the city’s nicest patios. But I try to go to Piranha at least twice a month.

Sushi & Sashimi at Piranha are both well prepared and flavorful

Fort Worth’s Piranha, located in Sundance Square is the second restaurant for founder Kenzo Tran. His first Piranha opened in Arlington in 2001 and four others have opened in DFW, Austin & San Antonio. The dining room is a very nice version of the typical upscale sushi bar and the staff is always very friendly and prompt.

Our favorite Menu Items at Piranha

Piranha Latino Roll (it’s a LatinA Roll when Donna gets it)

Donna is not a big fan of “raw” so she opts for the Latino Roll with shrimp tempura, asparagus, ginger cream, cream cheese, crab, jalapeno & cilantro. When we were dating Donna informed me that she doesn’t care for avocado (which almost ended our relationship right there) so they happily leave that off.

Tim's favorite: Crudo of Hamachi

Tim’s favorite: Crudo of Hamachi

I’ve eaten at Piranha now for almost 10 years, trying probably everything on the menu. It’s all good. Maybe I am getting old and less adventuresome now, or maybe I have just decided to eat the things that make me the happiest.. At Piranha I now always get exactly the same thing and it always makes me happy. I get the appetizer Crudo of Hamachi along with a simple salmon roll. The appetizer is a good sized portion of my favorite sashimi varieties; Yellowtail Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna & Escolar. The sashimi is nicely arranged with a few micro-greens on a bed of ridiculously tasty cilantro sauce and then smattered with a pinch of sea salt. I want one right now, but as I right this it is only 9:30 am.

I’m a grown man and the appetizer does not quite fill me up so I also get a simple and delicious salmon roll. This also allows me to have some wasabi and soy sauce which I would not dare spoil the Crudo of Hamachi with.

Piranha is a great Place to Take your Sushi-Loving Friends

Everyone that we have taken to Piranha has loved it. We usually sit at the sushi bar and Darrett is our favorite waiter. You should always ask for him because he takes great care of us and our guests.

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