The Tower Condos

The Tower Condominiums

The Tower – Condos for sale in Downtown Fort Worth Texas.

In 1974 The Fort Worth National Bank opened it’s 4th and final location in downtown Fort Worth.  The modern glass building had a distinctive architectural style, featuring a flared base covering the 5-story atrium with natural light pouring in from every direction. On March 28, 2000 the building was heavily damaged when downtown Fort worth was hit by a powerful tornado. For over a year the building was clad in plywood and metal sheets while architects and engineers sought to salvage the building and then planned to demolish it. Asbestos removal proved to be cost prohibitive so work was halted and the future of the building was uncertain until a local developer announced plans to convert the building to apartments.

What was originally planned as apartments finally came on the market as condos in 2005. There are 315 residential units in the building and the ground floor is occupied by office and retail on the street level. Floors 6-19 were planned to be apartments and are designated separately from floors 20-36 for that reason. Floors 6-19 differ slightly from the upper units. primarily in the level of the original finish-outs and the electric ranges, while 20-36 have upgraded finishes and the option for gas appliances. Naturally, the higher units have more commanding views of the skyline but many of the lower units have beautiful views looking directly into the city which has some attractive urban panoramic views.

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Parking is at a premium in the building as some of the units only come with one space in the adjacent garage (connected by a tunnel under Taylor Street). Other units have two or more, but although parking spaces can be purchased there are few or none available at any given time. Parking for additional cars can be leased on a monthly basis in nearby garages and sometimes in the Tower’s parking garage from other homeowners or from the master condominium association. So, if you are considering purchasing in this building please be sure that your unit has at least as many parking spaces as you have cars. See the parking diagram for The Tower Parking Garage with numbered assigned spaces here:

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Floor Plans vary by unit because of mechanical and architectural aspects that differ from floor to floor but here is a link to the diagrams of each level of the building showing where each unit is located and how it is oriented within the building:

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Some floor plans are available for individual units, however each unit has slight variations. Here are the general layouts:

Current Listings in The Tower: