Black Rooster Cafe

910 Houston Street, Fort Worth TX 76102

Black Rooster CafeBlack Rooster Makes Downtown into a Real Neighborhood

If you live downtown as we do, you will often hear from neighbors that our neighborhood still lacks a few amenities. Being walking distance to so many terrific restaurants and bars is nice, but we’ve often heard that a grocery store or bakery is lacking. No longer do we lack the latter. In fact, we arguably have the finest Bakery imaginable. Black Rooster Bakery on Park Hill used to be a challenging walk for us from our home on West Lancaster, but the pastries are good enough that we would sometimes make the trek on Saturday mornings when the weather was right. Since the newest Black Rooster Cafe opened downtown we get to make the trip more often. It’s always worth it.

The original Black Rooster Bakery is a beloved neighborhood spot for residents of Berkeley, Park Hill and the other nearby Forest Park neighborhoods. The bakery produces some of the best handcrafted baked goods in Fort Worth. Originally founded by classically trained French Pastry Chef Marche Ann Mann, it was purchased a few years ago by Immy Khan. Immy also owns The Lunch Box in Camp Bowie’s 6333 Shopping Center and was formerly a partner in La Perla. When La Perla closed down on Houston Street the menu of tequila and Latin fare was replaced by a second location of The Black Rooster Bakery, with the new name “Black Rooster Cafe”.

The Black Rooster Cafe offers the pastries still baked and transferred from the original location, plus a nice selection of lunch sandwiches served on fresh baked baguette rolls.

Black Rooster Croissant

Black Rooster Croissant

Our Favorite Things at Black Rooster Bakery

Here’s what I want (My favorite SC sandwich)

The plain & chocolate croissants will make you swear off supermarket croissants for good. I have not travelled to Paris, but Donna has and she says the croissants at Black Rooster are as good as any in France. I believe her. I tend to want to jazz breakfast breads up with honey or jelly but that would just be silly and wrong with a Black Rooster croissant. The scones are all delicious and if I pass on a croissant I will go immediately for the jalapeno & cheddar scone. They also offer a selection of fresh baked cookies & quiche, all delicious and well prepared as well. Their lunch selections are good, but they haven’t acted on my suggestion to prepare some simple baguette sandwiches and make them available to grab and go in the morning, so that downtown workers can take them for lunch at their desk when they stop in for their morning croissant & coffee. Maybe they will. My suggestion is not a criticism by any means. Donna & I have a favorite French Bakery Cafe that we always visit in Charleston SC. It’s called Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-Patissier, and we ALWAYS grab a baguette sandwich for the airport when we leave our hotel. I just want to have the same culinary experience right here in Fort Worth Texas.

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